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E-pitaara is a fairytale market place to buy unique things, delightful creations, tradition manifestations made out of passion. We hope to encourage the ability of one to dream, imagine and create things of beauty and joy. Our aim is to awaken the desire to be creative and wish to provide several avenues for this creativity to flow through.Explore the world of arts and crafts for yourself! This peerless store was started by me & my sister to provide platform to showcase lovely items to beautify your home. We love creating and crafting items, you will find many handmade items in our website. We have decided to put everything lovely and beautiful in this website so that you and loved ones can get these items with ease and convenience. We have also shared ideas and projects with you and your family to craft together. Customer delight is our motto. Please write to our directly if you have any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions. We look forward to welcoming you at epitaara

Yours Truly,

epitaara Family

Email: info@epitaara.com, Support@epitaara.com

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